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A real Atari 8 Bit BBS
works on an old Atari 8 Bit Computer

Are You ready to make a Trip back to the 80´s ????


...Telnet now an Atari 8 Bit BBS ...
best viewed on PC with ATS 2.0 - download here -
ATS2.0 simulate 300,600,1200,2400 BPS if you want.


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Which Port to connect to the BBS ? Klick and join now
!!! offline at this time !!! - Click BBS2 -   Connect direct to BBS Mousenet Port 8889   !!! offline at this time !!! - Click BBS2 -
(real ATARI)

If You want to connect the real Atari 8 Bit Computer, click here Connect direct to BBS Mousenet Port 8889
atari800win Emulator will running on BBS1 & BBS3

Telnet Adress: bbs-mousenet.dynip.online:8889

The BBS Status currently is

Java Login
See the BBS ATARI via Webcam :)
Atari 8 Bit Emulator
Visit the Atari800Win Emulator Homepage

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Last Update : 11/04/18  

More about this Website and BBS Mousenet will coming soon.
Contact : atari-tt@gmx.net

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