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About myself


Name   : Ralf-Markus S.
Birth     : 22.07.1967 (Germany/Hessen)

my first contact with computers was in 1982 with an Sinclair ZX81 and my first Atari 800XL was in 1984.

My first BBS goes online in 1988. More about my BBS´s klick here (German Language)

Thanks to Burkhard and Chaos Soft Siegen for the very good Atari Years :)


  That´s me :)

Personal Links

ATARI TT Website
(my small Atari TT Website)

ATARI STe Website
(my small Mega STe Website)

ATARI Falcon Website
(my small Falcon Website)

Mac G3 Website
(my small Mac Website)

(Website of our Online Gaming Clan BC)

(BC Diablo2 Homepage)

Art Transfair Berlin
(Website from a friend ATARI Hardware Shop)

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